COORDINATORS - the life blood behind the relay.
t only works when you participate, Lets do another relay you all say. Well,, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This time around we are going to have coordinators in the states, sort of how the Aussies and the groups in India did the 2013 Charlie Bear relay.
What is a coordinator? The World Wide Relay Riders Volunteer State or Providence Coordinator is a position that we take serious and only offer to those that we trust with our precious Marly Bear's safety. The type of people and the requirements we have in this position are as follows:

To Sign up to join in on the ride, click here.

All that said, below is the link to the ever changing document with the coordinators names. If there is a coordinator name in your area, you can either join them on FB for a discussion on how to be involved or contact us. If the area is blank or if you still want to assist with the coordinator position, contact us.

You have to be flexible with people and their schedules as well as your own. This position takes work to bring people together.

Being on FB daily is a must while Marly is in your state, whether or not she is in your possession.

You will need to be open to taking on new FB friends from WWRR, and having a great communication skill. Most of the communication can be via messenger but you may need to communicate over the phone as well.

Please remember that any-all meetings with those that you and or the other members in your state, NEED TO BE IN A PUBLIC PLACE!

You will need to be able to keep drama out of this.

You don’t have to be in control of Marly the entire time in your state, or be in possession of Marly during her stay in your state. You must be in communication with all those that touch Marly so we can keep her on schedule and on track to feeling the freedom of the road. Plan trips, hand offs, track, communicate with various types of people, having a good attitude, no matter what is a must.

Some people may bring drama, you need to be able to control and deflect it, not attack it.

Give suggestions to the WWRR admins and local riders. Able to coordinate with boarding states and able to make the arrangements to get Marly Bear not only into your state but out to the next state as well.

There are persons feelings that may get hurt, but you need to look out for what’s best for all those involved in this new adventure.

Marly cannot sit idle for more than a day or two, Marly needs to be updated with pictures and stories on WWRR group. Daily or every other day. Some of the best pictures of CB were those with children at home or eating at a table.

You need to explore your state and find things that may be of interest to the rest of the world, again the simple things are sometimes the best. Local hangouts or places you think are simple might stir interest in others. Remember you are representing your state to the world.

Marly Bear will do the talking from my keyboard, so if there are things she needs to say, let us know. Otherwise you can always post things like, “Marly loves in here in Mesa Arizona and found a new friend in Fido the dog….”

Finally have fun, be respectful, and POST POST POST! This message is our invitation to you to be a coordinator.If you feel these items fit your personality and want to take on the challenge, please respond that you accept the volunteer position. If you want to recommend someone else or share the responsibilities with another in your state, let us know.

To see the current coordinator list click here.

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