World Wide Relay Riders​

USA and Canada

"Thank you to all of my biker friends who took me over 46,000 miles through cold, rain, heat and snow safely and the pilots that took me over 21,000 air miles. I will remember each and every one of you and i am sure none of us will ever forget the time we shared together and the hearts we touched."  
                                                                                                               Charlie "CB" Bear

Japan and the Philippines

Charlie Bear 2013-2015 Relaywas as CB would say,  "AWESOME - BWAHAHAHAHA!"

It was an amazing thing to see the love and sharing from the biker community  as our Charlie Bear came alive in the hearts and minds of all those that watch and shared time with him on the road. The friendships that have been made are amazing. Stories of romance and babies being developed out of the connections from a simple idea of sharing in a Facebook random event, has touched the heart of us all. The lives of the grown ups as well as the children world wide are inspiring to us all. This is what Community and Love are all about. To share time, our experiences and charity. Our prayer for you is to travel safe, Marly says "Always take the time to smell the flowers."  Charlie Bear says " Is it time to eat yet? Bwahahahaaha"

New Zealand and Australia