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WWRR  PINS and Cousin Bears Available

World Wide Relay Riders Pins Still Available!!!!!!!!!!!!

Order your personalized Cousin Bear, each one has a unique name and personality to match.

World Wide Relay Riders​


Where does the money go?

We ask that you donate as you are lead, from the heart to the charity and cause of your choosing, The WWRR is supporting St Jude this year. You can Donate directly with the links provided on this page and on the World Wide Relay Riders personalized donation page.

Another option is to help support the WWRR in providing funds to assist in mailing Marly Bear overseas, and between countries. Some of the Charlie Bear deliveries between countries in the last relay cost in excess of 250.00 USD. Thanks to your support we made that happen, over and over again. The only other expenses are for the web site. Everyone donates their time in web site development, FB set up, scheduling and time online. We all get paid the same way, with the smiles of those that get to meet our wonderful little bears.