World Wide Relay Riders​

​START 2016 Relay​​
WWRR has started the MARLY 2016 Relay.

Are you ready to be a part of it? If you sign up or join the Facebook group, you are one of us. What you do next is up to you. We need area coordinators, riders of all types, and supporters of all levels. Come join the fun and watch the amazing stories and smiles!

WWRRis dedicated to helping children's charities by involving motorcycle riders around the world in a world wide relay.

Love, Ride, Give and Share yourself to this great relay and what it represents. Bringing us all together and bring awareness to children's charities.

 World Wide Relay Riders (WWRR) was formed from two riders chatting in a Facebook group about how cool it would be to do a trip around the world or even a relay. People commented how awesome it would be, so we ran with it. Created in June 2013, this has grown like wild fire. The original idea was to take a stuffed animal as far as we could around the states and a few countries.  People joined the group so fast we could BEARLY keep up with the load of information and scheduling of such an event alone, so we added Admin to assist in keeping this rolling. 

"Charlie Bear"  has completed his first motorcycle relay around the world. This was a ride of a lifetime for Charlie Bear, nicknamed "CB". Charlie Bear has brought smiles to many people around the world as he meets them in their home, state, province or country. Just look through the Pictures and Videos on the Charlie Bear page.

Charlie Bear has made it home and during his retirement, found a way to share his love by adopting
Marly Bear. And now, after hearing all of CB's stories, this free spirited little girl is ready to take to the road and meet you all.

Marly plan is to get our Marly Bear around the world as we did CB, handing her off from one biker to another biker across the world until she makes it back to the point of origin. We will need riders that will be dedicated to make this happen. Unlike the CB ride, we will not be making every individual plan and stop. You will have local coordinators for this. To be a part of this awesome adventure, please sign up and include your full address (including country). look at the current map(s) and if your area is not highlighted, you can be a coordinator.We currently have people in Europe, Australia, and all over the states signed up and ready to ride. Riders in the same area are welcome to do a group ride for the exchange or even share in the coordinator duties.

We invite licensed riders from the entire world to participate.  All you need to do to get started is fill out the participation form on this web site and we'll do the rest. Be sure to let us know your availability (e.g. weekdays/weeknights/weekends), how many miles you want to run, and be sure to invite your friends. See you on the road!

CB Relay - COMPLETED!!!!
2015 -2017
Marly's Relay - HAS STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!