World Wide Relay Riders

 We are not currently planning another Relay, but that may change. Please submit ideas and any helpful information or constructive criticism if you are interesting in asssiting in another WORLD TRAVEL!

 If you are interested in helping scheduling another relay contact me directly at 



Meet Charlie Bear:

Our Mission

Yep! I like to collect stuff when i travel!

The early days.

New Relay on hold ! We need participants, riders, financial supporters and transport assistance for Charlie Bear II !!!!!

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Sign up page is removed, but you can still check out the facebook group and view the media page.

Urgent Projects



WWRR was dedicated to helping children's charities by involving motorcycle riders around the world in a world wide relay.

2013-2015 was our first relay and it was amazing!!!!!!

Charlie Bear is home in Arizona, waiting on a new permanent home, maybe a Motorcycle Museum.                                           Stay Tuned!

Yes sir officer, my ID is right here. And no, i wasn't driving!