World Wide Relay Riders​

GREET - each other with brotherly love. We are one big family!

RESPECT – for other bikers and members of WWRR. No brand bashing. No drama.

ORGANIZE - your time with Marly. Remember to share all the memories on Facebook.

WALK - the walk the Charlie Bear would expect you to. Always being polite and courteous

LOVE - one another, and all those around us. Let the world grow stronger from that love!


Our goal is to create an atmosphere of caring, sharing and love that shines past the appearance of a biker and can be reflected by a smile of those in need.

We challenge every rider to get involved either in our sponsored charity at St. Judes or any other charity of your choosing that benefits a child. THEY ARE OUR FUTURE!

We welcome all who have the drive and heart to give not only financially, but of themselves by visiting local hospitals, schools, orphanages, or any facility that may bring a smile to those in need. 

We extend this challenge not only to the children, but our elders, veterans and anyone in need. Its time to think of others first!

MARLY is a free spirited little bear that heard enough of the stories that her papa, "Charlie Bear"  has told her, and wants to get out on the road to meet all of you. Sign up at the link below. If you can assist to be an area, state, or country coordinator, contact us at:

or at the link below.

Ride, Meet, and Smell the Flowers




Charity Comes From The Heart


Marly Bear has left home


At World Wide Relay Riders, our goal is to bring our members together and open their hearts to serve the children of the world, and be sure to "GROWL" the following: