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2013-2014 was our first relay to try this and we already have members wanting to do it again. New friendships have been made as our members have bonded together for the simple cause of getting Charlie Bear around the world. Donations to our Children's Charity are not required to ride and participate. All funds raised through WWRR will go to help ship Charlie Bear around the world and 100% of funds left over will go to this years Children's Charity. Find out the different ways you can contribute at our Donate page.

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We need participants, riders, financial supporters and transport assistance to continue our efforts for the children.

If you share our enthusiasm for the open road as well as giving back to the Children of the world, sign up Today!

Meet Charlie Bear:

WWRR is dedicated to helping children's charities by involving motorcycle riders around the world in a world wide relay.

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The early days.

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